Located in Bucktown, auto service from Infinitechauto handles a variety of problems your car might encounter. We handle everything – from brakes check to serious maintenance – within a business day. Should your car require a more lengthy repair process, our car experts will make sure the service is done fast, no minute wasted.

We don’t guess what is wrong with your car. Infinitechauto (Bucktown) auto service utilizes the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to find out what repair a given car needs. If your car is still on warranty, we can call the warranty company to get an approval before starting work on your car. Our quotes are accurate: you will pay just for the service work your car requires.

Located in a convenient area of Bucktown, auto service from Infinitechauto values its customers and always welcomes them back in case their car needs it. We make sure our clients are satisfied and happy with the work done on their luxury iron friends. Our service is under warranty, which adds trust and reliability to the quality level that our company maintains.