When was the last time you changed your engine’s oil? Do you follow your dealer’s maintenance recommendations? Did you know that giving your car regular preventive maintenance can keep it in top running condition and save you lots of time and money?

At Infinitech automotive service, Bucktown we love cars as much as you do. It’s a place where we take pride in helping you to maintain your car’s excellent performance. We do everything: from routine maintenance to complete repair and restoration.

If you’re the proud owner of a luxury car—American, European or Asian—then the auto service center you choose to service has to be right. Don’t trust the first service station you see with your special toy. Your vehicle may require specific tools and equipment to be serviced correctly. Our auto repair shop can boast of having these special tools, as well as the best computer diagnostic equipment. It lets us find the exact cause of your car’s breakdown, so we can fix it appropriately instead of guessing and replacing parts until the problem is solved.

Infinitect also works with cars under warranty, and we guarantee that our work will be done on the highest professional level.

Besides scheduled oil, transmission, and brake fluid or engine coolant changes and regular inspections, our auto service center offers all kinds of automotive repairs. And, you can use our shuttle or car towing service within the downtown area, too.

Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with accurate, timely service for a reasonable price. It is our rule to treat every customer with the utmost consideration. We strive to give our guests 100% satisfaction, which is why we have hundreds of happy customers who eagerly spread the word about our service.

Infinitech has proven to be the most trusted and reliable automotive service in Bucktown. We are located just a short drive from Lincoln Park, on the corner of Elston and Cortland, off of I90/94 at the Armitage exit.

Stop by to give your car excellent service. We’d like to become your trusted car care partner.