Bucktown auto repair – Infinitechauto – is one of the best experts in luxury car repairs in Chicago area. The company provides different kinds of car maintenance ranging from oil change to winterizing, brakes repair to electrical system service.

Infinitechauto – Bucktown auto repair – service has great confidence that their work will speak for itself. They rely on referrals of their customers when attracting new clients, and it does work! With their top-notch equipment, a professional team and high ethical values, Infinitechauto has been popular with luxury cars owners in Chicago area.

Bucktown auto repair – Infinitechauto – works with cars under warranty; moreover, it gives its own warranty on the work done in their shop. Their customers know that if anything is to go wrong with the parts that Infinitechauto fixed, the company will fix or replace it for free up to 1 year or 12K miles. Trust, reliability and reputation – these are major things that have ensured Infinitechauto’s success over the years.