The majority of auto repair shops in Chicago are represented by a wide choice of general auto services and those specializing in some particular makes of cars. Infinitechauto is the company that specializes in luxury cars, both domestic and imported (European or Asian). We provide fast and reliable auto services for Audis, Volvos, Infinities, Toyotas and many other makes and models. In our center you can have your car repaired as well as schedule preventive maintenance. All types of work we do are characterized by unmatched quality and reasonable rates.

The three fundamental principles of providing superior service are exceptionally skilled mechanics, top-notch diagnostic equipment and high-quality parts.

We make sure to employ the best ASE certified technicians who are highly trained in domestic and foreign luxury cars. They will take proper care of your special toy every step of the way. We also understand how important it is to stay abreast with the changing trends and technologies.

However, we also know that no matter how skilled mechanics are, it is impossible to perform proper service without specific tools or knowing what should be fixed. That is why we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the latest diagnostic equipment. It allows us to find the cause of the breakdown quickly to save you time and money. Not a single minute is wasted at our center, and the average repair time for most cases is under one business day. We are fully equipped and prepared to diagnose and fix any of your car’s problems.

We always provide you with a complete estimate in writing prior to beginning work at our repair shop. Our rates are honest and open, and we only perform the work that needs to be done. In addition, all repairs include a nationwide warranty for 12K miles or 12 months.

Now that you know that Infinitechauto is one of the best repair shops in Chicago, you don’t have to risk leaving your vehicle with dubious auto body shops. At our center your car is in great hands. We are open to provide affordable and honest mechanic services to you, our dearest client.