Cars have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Some treat their cars as friends, others love them as their family members. One thing that most car owners have in common is the true love for their vehicle. And it’s natural that you want to find the best auto service center—one that you can trust with your vehicle. That’s especially true if you own a foreign luxury car. You’ll want to find a trustworthy mechanic who is experienced enough to perform import car repair. Chicago offers one that stands above the rest: Infinitech Auto Service.

Our friendly staff of ASE-certified technicians shares your love for beautiful, high-end vehicles. We’re proud to employ the most qualified and skilled professionals around—professionals who are truly passionate about cars. In fact, we guarantee no matter what kind of import or domestic car you own, we have the technology and expertise to fix your vehicle. We can take care of any part of your car: engine, body, or chassis. We can handle both regular maintenance and repair works. We provide fast and exceptional services and long-lasting solutions to any issues you may have with your car.

Our advanced diagnostic equipment helps us cut down on repair time because we don’t have to guess what’s wrong with your car; we always know the root of the trouble. The average repair time is less than one business day. Our advisors let you know exactly what work we’re doing, and they’ll give you tips on how to keep up your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.

If you’re still looking for import car repair in Chicago, Infinitech Auto Service is the place for you. We have everything to meet your car’s mechanical needs affordably.

Call us at 312.280.9262 to schedule an appointment, or simply stop by; we are on the southwest corner of Elston and Cortland.